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Paris, June 28th 2017


  • introduction, François Vilnet (IFTRIP, President) &   Bernard Spitz (FFA, President)

Video 11:42 : Youtube

  • Douglas Frantz (OECD, Deputy General Secretary):

The role of international cooperation in terrorism mitigation and coverage

Video 13:42 : Youtube

  • Jamie Shea (NATO, Deputy Secretary General Emerging Security Challenges):

The changing nature of terrorism and the emerging challenges

Video 24:42 : Youtube


First Panel: New threats, hyper- terrorism and possible mitigation of exposures

 Moderator: Ed Butler (Pool Re, Head of Risks Analysis) Video 04:50 : Youtube


~         Stephen Johnson, Cranfield University, Professor.  

Hyper terrorism and emerging threats. Video 12:25 : Youtube - Presentation PDF

~         Deborah Rosenblum, Nuclear Threat Initiative, Executive Vice President,  

Preventing a Dirty Bomb. Video 08:09 : Youtube - Presentation PDF

~         Christian Sommade, Haut Comité Français pour la Défense Civile, General Delegate

Lessons from recent attacks and megashocks. Video 11:39 : Youtube - Presentation PDF

~         Ed Butler, Pool Re, Head of Risks Analysis

 Emergent Threat: Cyber Terrorism. Video 06:30 : Youtube - Presentation PDF

 ~         Questions & Answers : Video 25:48 : Youtube


  • Emma Karhan (Guy Carpenter UK, Managing Director)

Terrorism, bridging gaps and filling vacuums. Video 26:43 : Youtube - Presentation PDF


Second Panel: The existing terrorism covers and the potential gaps in different insurance classes and markets

 Moderator: Eric Excoffier (Guy Carpenter, France, Managing Director). Video 02:58 : Youtube


~         Albert Küller, Lloyds, Research Officer

Private Market Terrorism Insurance, The Lloyd’sPerspective. Video 12:22 : Youtube - Presentation PDF

~         Michael Burle, Liberty Specialty Markets, Head of Marine

Terrorism Insurance Coverage. Video 12:02 : Youtube - Presentation PDF

~         Christophe Graber, Réunion Aérienne, General Manager

AVIATION Legal Framework and Insurance Coverage. Video 15:13 : Youtube - Presentation PDF

~         Victor Peignet, SCOR P&C, CEO

A view on Cyber Terrorism. Video 13:36 : Youtube - Presentation PDF

~         Pascale Gallego, PartnerRe, Head of Life Southern Europe, Middle East and Latin America

~         Questions & Answers : Video 14:00 : Youtube

Third Panel: The pools current status and challenges with new threats, reduction of gaps and risk management

  Moderator: Klaus Wilkens (Munich Re, Munich Re, Executive Client Manager). Video 03:09 : Youtube


~         Chris Wallace, ARPC, Australia CEO

Video 10:11 Youtube - Presentation PDF

~         Marc Dierckx, TRIP, Belgium, CEO

Video 13:20 Youtube - Presentation PDF

~         Pierre-Yves Laffargue, GAREAT, France, Chairman

Video 11:43 Youtube - Presentation PDF

~         Dirk Harbrucker, Extremus, Germany, Member of the Executive Board

Video 07:09 Youtube  - Presentation PDF

~         Julian Enoizi, Pool Re, UK, CEO

 Video 08:26 Youtube - Presentation PDF

 ~         Questions & Answers : Video 19:10 : Youtube


  • Bertrand Labilloy (CCR, General Manager)

The role of a public reinsurer in Public Private Partnerships. Video 19:10 Youtube


Fourth Panel: How Public Private Partnerships can encourage risk mitigation by collaborating with public authorities

Moderator: Bertrand Logoz (XL Catlin Europe, Head of Technical Underwriting) Video 02:19 Youtube


~         Alejandro Izuzquiza, Consorcio, Director of Operations

Video 13:39 Youtube - Presentation PDF

~         Laurent Montador, CCR, Deputy General Manager

How PPP can encourage risk mitigation by collaborating with governments?, Video 14:07 Youtube - Presentation PDF

~         Leigh Wolfrom, OECD, Policy Analyst

The financial management of terrorism risk : the role of PPPS. Video 09:28 Youtube - Presentation PDF

~         Esther Baur, Swiss Re, Head of Global Partnerships EMEA

Country risk management and insurance. Video 15:55 Youtube - Presentation PDF

 ~         Questions & Answers : Video 14:12 : Youtube


  • Thomas Groh, French Treasury

VIDEO 09:44 Youtube

  • Closure, François Vilnet (IFTRIP, President)

Video 04:18 Youtube